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The game is up .... [Apr. 2nd, 2011|11:46 am]
Slightly Psychic Paper: April Fools!

As many of you suspected, yesterday’s top news story, “No Neil Gaiman Episode for Season Six,” was merely an April Fool’s Day joke.

I have a long history of April Fool’s Day jokes, and they get harder and harder to pull of every year, with an increasingly sophisticated Internet audience. This time, the best I was hoping for was that whoever read it would at least be given a moment’s pause — that you might stop and think, “Wait a second, what if this is real … ?”

This is easily the most elaborate prep work I’ve ever done for one of these Jokes — not only coming up with a fake news story, but putting together this entire fake news site just to back it up. That was a fun challenge.

(Apologies to any of the legitimate Doctor Who news sites out there whose posts I ruthlessly pillaged, reformatted, and rewrote to flesh out the archives of the site to give it a semblance of credibility. Sources included: Doctor Who News, Doctor Who Online, Doctor Who Spoilers, Doctor Who Zone, Gallifreyan Embassy, Kasterborous Doctor Who News, KTEH Doctor Who Blog, Life, Doctor Who & Combom, TARDIS Newsroom, The Doctor Who News Page, and The Who-Philes. These are all great sites, and if you’re looking for actual information you should check them out.)

I hope it gave you a laugh. And if nothing else — at least it’s not as terrible as what I did last year

Michael Montoure (icebluenothing)