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Merchants of Deva: The END OF LINE CLUB [Mar. 4th, 2011|05:07 pm]

Help the MERCHANTS OF DEVA come back to Norwescon!

The MERCHANTS OF DEVA, a once constant fixture at Norwescon, haven't thrown a party there since 2007. We want to come back and do another big room party at Norwescon this year, on April 23rd. We've come up with theme for it that we're pretty excited about. In honor of TRON: LEGACY, we've reserved the suite on the top floor of the party wing to turn it into one of the movie's signature locations -- THE END OF LINE CLUB. We've got a Daft Punk-influenced music set lined up for you, we know how we want to pull off the decorations -- all we need is you.

We get about 500 people through our doors at these parties, and in order to rent the suite, and come up with enough food and alcohol for everyone, we need to raise $2,500.

We're over halfway there, but we need your help!

Make your pledge at: http://kck.st/eVDbFR

Spread the word. Fight for the users. We'll see you at the con.